Accelerate your professional consulting fitness supplement freelance retail auto nonprofit design coaching business online with Rexrode Fintech.

With Rexrode Fintech, you can sell online and grow your business in any way that is convenient for you, whether it’s through your website, mobile app, or manual transactions. Accepting credit cards is easy with us. Whether you sell custom-made goods or fitness services, future-focused eCommerce payments will keep you ahead of the curve. With both local and global payment options, you can sell more products and exceed customer expectations. Accept payments from around the world in minutes. Every step of the payment flow is optimized to increase conversion, from frictionless one-click checkouts to fraud prevention.

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Easy Integration

Integrating with multiple gateways, platform partners, and eCommerce plug-ins is what makes our platform so powerful.

  • Developer-friendly API
  • Integrate quickly and easily
  • Open architecture

Advanced Fraud Detection

Prevent fraud with real-time detection. Integration with Rexrode Fintech ensures you have the highest level of fraud detection and chargeback prevention available, no matter where you sell your retail goods or in how many countries you operate. Our platform uses exemptions, rules and individual risk assessments to automatically direct payments through the best authentication process.

Never Miss a Sale

You never have to worry about revenue loss, no matter how busy the season is. We provide maximum uptime and peak sale support. Our platform is designed to handle peak-level transaction volume, so we are prepared for any high-traffic shopping season around the world, such as Mother's Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or Boxing Day.

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